Frederick D. Zigan, CCST, CLPE, MCSFS

     is currently serving as as a polygraph examiner, certified latent fingerprint examiner, and certified crime scene investigator for a local police department. He has been a certified peace officer in the State of Georgia for 17 years and is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy as well as the American International Institute of Polygraph. He has been trained in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Incident Reconstruction, along with other disciplines within crime scene investigations.  David Zigan is also an adjunct instructor at the National Forensic Academy in Oak Ridge, TN where he gives presentations and instructs on fingerprint processing. He was a part of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for a number of years as well as a Crimes Against Persons detective where he investigated major crimes from minor assaults to homicides. He is a member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, IAI (International Association for Identification), the ICSIA (International Crime Scene Investigators Association), the ACSR (Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction), IABPA (International Association for Bloodstain Pattern Analysts), IAI (International Association of Interviewers), the APA (American Polygraph Association) the GPA (Georgia Polygraph Association), and the NPA (National Polygraph Association). 

CV Provided upon Request

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